Synapse was a prototype built for drug discovery researchers. Using NLP (Natural Language Processing) Synapse parses data from Pub Med and evaluates the relationships between drugs, genes, and diseases. Users selected a drug, disease, or gene entity and were presented with a bipartite graph that displayed the strength of the relationship to other genes, disease, and drugs. The documents, from which the data was extracted, were then ordered by strength of relation and made available on the document’s tab.


For this project we interviewed drug discovery researchers about their practices. The resulting prototype was based on an existing NLP SaaS product and solved the problem of finding related documents. However, after the initial review, it was determined that the prototype needed a view history feature to track the path of research in order to successfully achieve users goals. This product was never fully develop, as the company was sold shortly after the prototype was designed.



  • Stakeholder Interview
  • User Interview
  • Task Analysis
  • Design Reviews

Tech Stack

  • AngularJS
  • SCSS
  • NodeJS