Alika’s Treehouse

Winner of the 2016 Women In Tech Demo Day, Alika’s Treehouse is a digital comic book about a young girl from New York who spends the summer in Savannah with her widower grandfather Nevin building a treehouse. The story is roughly based on Alice In Wonderland and throughout the story, Alika’s is challenged and encouraged by pop Nevin (the name of the White Rabbit in the Disney Adaptation) to question her assumptions.

The challenge for The capital One WIT Demo Day was for Black Girls Code and was to “Help young women of color see themselves as a Computer Scientist.” 

The interface has three parts:

  • An interactive comic with animations and inputs that a user can play with and get curious about
  • An interactive code editor that teaches coding and displays visuals of what the user is building. 
    • A cat named Charles (reference to Alice In Wonderland author’s original name ) navigate the user between the story and the lessons.
  • As the user saves snippets, the system builds a SPA (single page application) that becomes and interactive Treehouse, designed by the user.